The Minimal Facts

Published at June 29, 2021 ·  5 min read

The Minimal Facts As stated by Habermas and Licona (2004), “the minimal facts approach considers only those data that are so strongly attested historically that they are granted by nearly every scholar who studies the subject, even the rather skeptical ones”. Why is this method important, and what does it mean for those who are attempting to share the gospel with a lost world? First we must understand what this method actually means....

Is it important if Jesus lived

Published at June 27, 2021 ·  3 min read

Is it important that Jesus actually lived? The question is, does it matter if Jesus was a real person? Is the historicity of Jesus necessary? The answer to that is absolutely. The truth of the historicity of Jesus is no minor issue or unncessary part of history. The world, whether it believes in Him or not, benefits from the historisity of Jesus. According to Wallace (2019) “Many people who are considered to be great moral teachers, like Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr....

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The Minimal Facts

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