The Cross

On Calvary hill in a barren land stands a wooden cross with a tortured man. A soldiers curse, the jeering horde, a rattle of dice parts the robes of our Lord.

Tried three times before the Jew, three times tried by Roman too. The only words to pass His lips, was Jesus claim to Messiaship.

The shouts arose to crucify, for blasphemy this man shall die. The numbing drink refused by the Son, the nails are driven the deed is done.

Father forgive them they do not know, these words fall deaf on the crowd below. One theif rails with angered cries, the believing theif granted paradise.

These words to the mother ‘Behold thy Son’, her life commended to Christs loved one. His wounds speak not of physical cost, but the terrible anguish of innocence lost.

“My God My God, why has thou forsaken,” but to honor the scriptures Gods love had been taken. His humanity shown in the statement ‘I thirst", with the words “it is finished”, Christs heart burst.

As David predicted no bones had been broken, but is body was pierced as Zechariah had spoken. The blood and the water flowed from His side, full proof to the Roman that the Savior had died.

The shy turned grey, then stygian black, the veil was rent the rocks did crack. The curse of the law removed from the land, the new age given the Kingdom at hand.

On Calvary hill in a barren land, stands a wooden cross with a glorified Man. For eternal life blessed with Gods grace. Christ gave His life for the human race.


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